Consolidation of Cargo

This a very efficient concept that allows one or more shippers to combine different cargo in one container. This enables shippers enjoy the benefit of bulk rates since they are shipping cargo in one container as opposed to sending several smaller shipments separately.

If you are looking for profitability, flexibility and a cost-effective way to import or export cargo you may have purchased in small quantities and/or from different manufacturers this is the perfect solution for you.

Shipping and Door to Door Delivery of Cargo

Our closely knit expert network across the globe will ensure that your shipments are handled right from the country origin of the manufacturer or sender to your doorstep with minimal hustle and bustle on your end.

Warehouse Cargo Storage

Our spacious and product tailored warehouse in Luzira, Kampala is strategically located for your easy access to the business hubs of Kampala, Uganda.

Handling of Both Imports and Exports i.e Cargo In Transit

Whether you intend to import or export your cargo through road, rail or air, Masstra offers the best transport solutions at competitive prices to meet your time constraints